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Addiction is no respecter of persons or culture, it is an obsessive disorder which sets in over time, due to the individual getting involved in the use of a particular substance, or an act. The commonly talked about forms of addiction in the world today, are drug and alcohol addiction.

People who are addicted find it hard to accept the fact that they are addicted, rather they would continue in their act because of the pleasure derived from either indulging in the act, or taking that particular substance.

Going for a rehab is the best option for addiction treatment, and it is advised that the rehab used, is a professional and standard one which has a track record of helping addicted individuals get back on their feet.

Hence, before a person is accepted into a rehab, the first likely question which he or she would be asked is, if they are ready to accept their addiction problem. Once this has been solved, it suggests that the person is ready to undergo addiction treatment in order to recover.

The first phase of treatment in a rehabilitation, is detoxification. This detoxification treatment is basically for those who have had much intake of both drugs and alcohol. What detoxification does is to remove all toxic substances in the body, which are as a result of alcohol and drugs intake.

Detoxification is generally a safe procedure, if it is done within the confines of a reputable medical facility.

After the detoxification phase, the next phase is the rehabilitation phase, where the individual would either have to be housed permanently, or he or she would have to visit the treatment facility based on a particular schedule.

During the rehabilitation phase, the individual would come to understand the concept of addiction, and the effects which it could have on their lives.

There are three types of therapy treatments under the rehabilitation phase, and they are: Individual therapy, Group therapy and Family therapy.

Lastly, an important aspect of rehabilitation, is the recovery phase. During this stage, there is provision for the addict, in order to prevent relapse.

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