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Drug rehabilitation is the kick-off point for a significant and continuing recovery from addiction to either behaviors or substances.

Basically, drug addiction is a multifaceted disorder which affects people mentally, physically, socially and biologically. Hence, the treatment of this complex disorder needs to be multifaceted as well.

This is where a drug rehab comes in handy. A drug rehab is the process where people who are addicted to drugs undergo various processes which helps them to achieve lifelong recovery.

The first aspect of drug rehab for addicts is the assessment phase. People who are addicted to drugs do not usually find it easy to accept this fact.

With the assessment phase, they are encouraged to own up to their addictive problems. This process comes with gaining trust with the therapist, so that he can create a personalized treatment pattern for you.

It also helps to uncover underlying mental health problems, as it has been discovered that, most people who are addicted usually have mental health issues; they are closely liked. Hence, it is crucial to state all this at the assessment stage in order to make the addiction treatment smooth.

The second stage is the detox stage. When people want to recover from drug use, they need to remove all the toxic substances in their body. During this process, there are usually unpleasant symptoms which occur, and sometimes it could be life-threatening. Individuals who regularly use drugs are advised to see a health specialist and take part in a medically-monitored detox program.

The third stage is the rehab, and it is the biggest phase in the addiction treatment program. During this stage, the underlying causes and triggers of addiction are handled. The following are features of the rehab stage.

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Recreational therapy
  • Medication management
  • Family therapy
  • Health care
  • Discharge planning

The fourth and last stage is the aftercare stage, and it is put in place for all individuals who have recovered for addiction, in order to prevent a relapse. All recovered individuals are encouraged to participate actively in aftercare programs, as most people are fond of quitting after the rehab stage.

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